Become the next leading authority in your field

I help entrepreneurs become the next ‘go-to-expert’ in their chosen field. If you are looking to become a leading authority in your field, by leveraging your knowledge, skills and reach, get in touch. Let’s build your strategy together. 

I help my clients with:

1. Clarity & Focus 

If you are feeling lost and need a clear plan of action to achieve your next business goal, I am your expert who will help you achieve just that – it all starts with clarity 

2. Strategic goals & Money Roadmap 

Are you feeling fed up of lack of consistency in your business and thus your income? Le’t map out your business and see where you are missing opportunities to build more sustainable and regular income. 

3. Confidence & Visibility

Focus on your mindset, confidence and visibility to show up as the expert in your field. I know you have what it takes to be the next ‘go-to’ expert, you better believe it! 

Why work with me

I am passionate about working with business owners and entrepreneurs in helping them achieve clarity, sense of direction and growth. 

I know that running your own business can feel daunting, confusing and even lonely. 

When you have an idea or urge to head into a new direction and you just haven’t got anyone to talk to who can advise you. Here is where I come in. I am business strategist, consultant and a mentor, for you and your business. 

I can be your sounding board, someone you can feel accountable to and that person who will challenge you and make your ideas better. Together we will achieve new sense of direction and absolute clarity. 


Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success?

Are you thinking about launching or are in the first few years of your business and need more clarity, confidence and concrete strategy to take your idea from your vision into reality?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the things you could be doing and want someone to help you map it all out? I been there, I started countless businesses, and I know the value of a mentor at an early stage, that can help you avoid some costly & time consuming mistakes.

Let’s have a chat and find out if we are suited to work together. 


Are you an expert in your field? Perhaps you have been in business for the last 5-10 years, but you feel like there is more for you to achieve? You have been seeing everyone crushing it online and building passive incomes from their knowledge and skills, and you are wondering how you can do the same. 

You want to package your knowledge and expertise into an offering that will be appealing to an online audeince, enabling you to work from anywhere.

Giving you back the time and freedom that you want. Let’s chat! 


Do you feel like your business has a potential for scale?Perhaps you want to innovate your sales and marketing and create a whole new market or revenue streams?

I work with successful businesses, who are at a stage of growth and looking to innovate or create a solid strategy for growth. I have worked for over 5 years in helping businesses to scale, attract funding and build solid strategies for growth and expansion.

I can help your business create strategy for growth and expansion. 

“When Raimonda opened up her mentoring services I didn’t have to think twice. I was at a stage in my business where I knew all the things I was meant to be doing but all I seemed to do was spin my wheels and get nowhere.

After the first session, it was like she had de-fogged my windscreen. I suddenly had a much more focused path, and over the course of our next few sessions, she helped me map each step on the journey. If Raimonda has a superpower – it’s an instinct for when someone is hiding their light, and she will hunt down the thing that’s holding you back like a heat-seeking missile.”

Cate Butler Ross

Communications Consultant, Copywriter

Client Love 

Thank you Raimonda, for all the support and encouragement you have given me through your mentoring program, you have given me the confidence to think bigger and the tools to make it happen.

I have noticed a significant shift in my mindset since doing the homework exercises you set me and feel focused and driven putting everything into practice.

It is still early days but I have faith that I am going to get the results that I want and exceed my all my goals.

Naomi Buff

Health and Wellness Coach

I’m really grateful to Raimonda for the time she has spent mentoring of the past few weeks me. She combines excellent listening skills with guiding precision point questions and very useful practical advice.

Over this period I’ve gone from vaguely “wanting to do something online” to a decision about creating a new niche activity for my business. The amazing thing is that I feel totally aligned with what I want to do, excited about the upcoming opportunities, and yet so calm. This is a first for me !

I know that I have some tweaking to do but I feel confident, thanks to Raimonda, that I’ll get there.

Elaine Lee

Leadership & Team Coach , Impact4

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