Raimonda Jankunaite

Expert Visibility Mastermind

Transformational program for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and authors who are looking to raise their visibility and authority and in the media and become the ‘go-to’ person in business. 

You Are Here Because...

You know you have special gifts and talents, maybe years of experience and and wisdom, but…

You are not being visible and know that the world is missing out on your gifts. You crave to become recognised for your impact in this world, and become seen as an expert that you are. Maybe you already an expert, an author or speaker, but wish to step into the next level of visibility and success.

You are ready to attract your ideal clients, opportunities, collaborations and media exposure. You want to feel fully aligned and your online brand to represent who you truly are.

But you are feeling stuck and not sure where to begin in achieving that. Let me ask you…

“Visibility is having an audience, authority is about being able to make an impact on that audience.

Are You Ready to...

Become visible go to expert in your field reaching thousands of people with your message and mission. Someone who easily attracts opportunities, collaborations, speaking opportunities, media features and clients? 

How would it feel if your name was mentioned in conversations and rooms where you have not yet stepped a feel in.

How would you feel easily attracting incredible and positive things and opportunities into your life instead of chasing the next client, follower or opportunity?

What if I could help you redesign your business, re-imagine your brand and elevate your voice to reach thousands of people worldwide? 

  • What if you finally became clear on your mission, your offer, your message and your brand? 
  • You are feeling clear about who you serve and how.
  • You are able to ask for what your products and offers are worth.
  • You are able to attract clients and opportunities easily that truly aligns with your values?

On this Program I help you re-imagine your brand and your mission, help you identify your special talents and gifts and show you how you can use those gifts to serve a large audience and make a living doing what you love. 

Sounds good? Join my mission and the work that I love to do serving and transforming people like you.

Up until now, you...

You have probably tried being visible online, but social media feels like never ending rat race that you never signed up for. You have tried doing Insta Lives and maybe even speaking on podcasts.

But you know that your visibility is not where it should be.

You want to reach thousands of people with your message and you want to serve larger audience with your gifts and talents. 

Maybe you have even considered hiring a PR agency to raise your authority, but you found how costly it is and how long it takes to get results. 

So you keep trying different trainings and workshops, none of which has truly given you the strategy you need for growth and authority building. 

But, I don’t want you to make the same costly mistakes I did, so I have created this Expert Visibility Mastermind so I can share my expertise and transform more lives. 


Trust me, I have done all of the above, and whilst some worked out better than others, I have had to figure it out the hard way. 

I learned exactly how to grow authority, visibility and attract ideal clients, doing it the right way and doing it the sustainable way. 

 I want for you to achieve big results and believe me, I have big vision and goals for you. If you trust that I am the right coach for you, let’s do this! I got your back.

What will you learn..?

This program is not like any other you have been part of. This is not just another training that you can invest in and get mediocre results. 

This is an opportunity to work closely together on building out your business around your mission and purpose. 

What can you expect when you join Expert Visibility Mastermind

Personal Brand Alignment

On this program you will identify your unique gifts and personal values that will build the basis of your personal brand and authority, positioning you as the go-to expert in your niche (even if you don’t think you have a niche).

Expert Authority Building

I will personally guide you through the process of growing your expert authority, showing you how to land media, speaking and other opportunities that will help you position yourself as an expert and powerful speaker.

Visibility and Audience Building

On this program you will learn how to build your own audience, become visible online and offline and attract your ideal clients with ease and alignment, without having to spin the social media wheel every day to generate sales.

Leverage & Impact

Whilst on this program you are guaranteed to meet other like-minded women who are also on this journey of personal growth. Together we will build a community of powerful people who are all determined to make a positive impact in this world. Together we will leverage each other’s influence, networks and opportunities.


I will help you identify your monetisation strategies and how to generate your desired income whilst being in alignment with your values. This is an essential step of this program to ensure you are rewarded for your talents, gifts and the work and time that you will put into serving your audience. It is time you monetise your gifts and become free in your choices.

What people say…

This program is not like any other you have been part of. This is not just another training that you can invest in and get mediocre results.

Thank you Raimonda, for all the support and encouragement you have given me through your mentoring program, you have given me the confidence to think bigger and the tools to make it happen.

I have noticed a significant shift in my mindset since doing the homework exercises you set me and feel focused and driven putting everything into practice.

It is still early days but I have faith that I am going to get the results that I want and exceed my all my goals.

Naomi Buff

Health and Wellness Coach

“When Raimonda opened up her mentoring services I didn’t have to think twice. I was at a stage in my business where I knew all the things I was meant to be doing but all I seemed to do was spin my wheels and get nowhere.

After the first session, it was like she had de-fogged my windscreen. I suddenly had a much more focused path, and over the course of our next few sessions, she helped me map each step on the journey. If Raimonda has a superpower – it’s an instinct for when someone is hiding their light, and she will hunt down the thing that’s holding you back like a heat-seeking missile.”

Cate Butler Ross

Communications Consultant, Copywriter

I’m really grateful to Raimonda for the time she has spent mentoring of the past few weeks me. She combines excellent listening skills with guiding precision point questions and very useful practical advice.

Over this period I’ve gone from vaguely “wanting to do something online” to a decision about creating a new niche activity for my business. The amazing thing is that I feel totally aligned with what I want to do, excited about the upcoming opportunities, and yet so calm. This is a first for me!

I know that I have some tweaking to do but I feel confident, thanks to Raimonda, that I’ll get there..

Elaine Leen

Leadership & Team Coach , Impact4

Raimonda has this special way of understanding my message, my gifts and my business deeply and truly and I can feel that she genuinely cares about my success and staying true to my purpose and business.

Whenever we get on a call together I just get this knowing feeling that I was guided to Raimonda for a reason as every session is so heartfelt, powerful and activating. She has this way of expressing and demystifying all the complications in my life’s work and business struggles. She has always had my back and this gives me the greatest faith and belief in myself and what I can achieve. She holds me up and keeps me focused on a clear strong path to success, both emotionally and practically. When it feels like its not possible for me, she infuses such strength and courage in me to know that I am fully capable, when I get stuck on the practical side of my business, she makes things feel light, easy, clear, simple and totally possible again.

Raimonda has also been monumental in helping me stay visible and consistent as I do have a tendency to withdraw and get easily overwhelmed. She helps me pull things back together again, as well as encouraging and inspiring me to get organised and clear with my website, copy and brand. Raimonda keeps me moving forward in inspiring ways and helps me to have bigger dreams as well as believe in them! She is 100% forging a path and a way for heart lead leaders to create true success that comes from a place of ease and is in full alignment with their dreams.

A trailblazer, a magical mentor and a powerful role model with strong values and the kindest heart. I have so much respect for Raimonda, thank you so much, I really don’t know how you do it and how I would do it without you! I am so grateful for you being in my life.

Laura Lebuku

Spiritual Healer & Channel, https://www.lauraleboku.com/

How well do you know me? 🙂

As a busy CEO of Women Thrive Media, I am also a Motivational Speaker, Event Host, and Author and Founder of the Women in Business Club international community and events. Originally from Lithuania, after 20 years living in the UK I now call Spain my home.

I have chosen the entrepreneurial journey more than 15 years after my first degree in Business, followed by a Post-Graduate in Law. I have always chosen to follow my own way of realising my ideas, pursuing my passions and figuring out ways to be paid for it. Out of the million ideas and 100’s of attempts, I had a fair share of challenges and failures (that nearly crushed me) along the way. Only to find out that that’s the way of life testing your strengths and perseverance and it is what makes up the path of a high achieving entrepreneur.

I see entrepreneurship as a personal development journey of self-discovery of your talents, your strengths, your leadership and your gifts. Through the process of self-discovery, you also find that the most painful moments in your life has also been the most valuable lessons in your life.

I discovered that losing my voice in my mid 20’s was a blessing in disguise and even though it took me a lonely depression and several years to process it all and years rebuild my confidence, I am grateful for it al. Now I find strength in empowering others and I use my voice as my super power for a good cause of empowering and inspiring others.

I am probably most known for my role as a chief-editor of Women Thrive Magazine and a host for the Women Thrive Summit, and a founder of Women in Business international community. In just few years I have grown our community to over 600k followers worldwide and built a global brand. 

Most recently I have been trained and mentored by the one and only legendary motivational speaker Les Brown. Have been nominated as a woman who is making an impact in the world, and been featured in countless media interviews, conferences and podcasts. 

Over the course of the last 5 years, I have mentored and coached 100’s of entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, business owners as well as leaders.

My passion is authority building and seeing women stories come to life. In the last few years I published 2 co-authored books, and helped other women become best-selling authors. I worked on some of the largest event productions hosting over 50 international speakers and continue to make impact on women’s empowerment. 

What I do is not just business, it is my life’s work, my passion and dedication to the cause and devotion to my purpose on this earth. 

Raimonda Jankunaite - Best selling author 

The Younger Self Letters - USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Anthology Book

In this book Raimonda shares her personal story of how she lost her voice, her identify and confidence. In this story Raimonda shares how she learned the power of her voice and how she turned her life around from living in silence to owning her voice and story to empower others. 

Women Thrive: Inspiring True Stories of Women Overcoming Adversity.

In this co-authored book Raimonda shares her story of starting a new chapter in her life, moving countries and re-building her life again after a devastating break-up. She writes about her personal experiences and healing journey in finding your own true path in life. 

Women Thrive: Inspiring True Stories of Women Overcoming Adversity Volume 2

In this book Raimonda shares her background story of being a young immigrant in London, and what shaped her determination, resilience and gave her the passion to pursue her dreams. Inspiring, real life story that you must read. 

What will you achieve..?

This program is not like any other you have been part of. This is not just another training that you can invest in and get mediocre results. 

This is an opportunity to work closely together on building out your mission surrounded with other like-minded people who are determined to rise and transform. 

What can you expect when you join Expert Visibility Mastermind? 

Transformational results, more visibility, confidence, new connections and opportunities. 


As seen in the media

Raimonda Jankunaite is a regular contributor in various media publications, a chief editor at the Women Thrive Magazine, and belongs to the British Society of Magazine Editors.

Most people want to know…

How will this program transform my life, make me money or save me time getting to my desired success? 

I know, because I have been where you are today, investing in coaches, programs, masterminds and retreats looking for the key to that next level… 

This program is not just about next level, it comes with mindset upgrade, lifestyle travel, network of high level serial entrepreneurs and fellow leaders in business. This is an opportunity to build your business to the next level of success for you and your loved ones. 

If you are fully engaged in this coaching program I can guarantee results in media exposure, speaking opportunities as well as financial returns on all your deposits every time you show up and complete the work on this program. 

That is why to be part of this program you have to go through an interview process to be part of this mastermind. Part of being in my group mastermind you get to choose from and attend our various international mastermind retreats. 

This is not work, this is lifestyle….

Is what most of my clients say to me, after working with me.  It is certainly true, we are not just building businesses for the success of it, we are building a lifestyle around your business whilst creating financial security for you and your loved ones.

This is not just another program that you will just enrol in, this is going to change your life. From your mindset, to your confidence, to how you show up in this world. In 12 months time you will be un-recognisable in how you show up with confidence and leadership. 

Are You Ready?