Raimonda Jankunaite

About Raimonda Jankunaite – Founder of Women Thrive Media, Inspirational Speaker, Speaker Trainer, Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Change-maker

About Raimoda...

Founder of Women Thrive Media, Serial Entrepreneur, Visibility Expert, Speaker, Author and Global Change Maker 

Raimonda is the founder of Women in Business Club and Women Thrive media. She has been a serial entrepreneur for over 15 years, mentoring other business founders, entrepreneurs and speakers along the way. 

Over the last 5-8 years Raimonda has made a significant impact supporting up and coming female entrepreneurs in personal development, raising the voices of women, hosting global impact events, raising money for charities, mentoring and initiating projects to support gender equality, fair work practices, diversity and inclusion, talent training and development and community building.

During the pandemic Raimonda started Women Thrive virtual summit that helped many women overcome the challenges of the pandemic, she brought together women and created a supportive community. Since then, Women Thrive Media has been formed, a platform to celebrate women voices through an annual Women thrive conference that takes place every March and the magazine. 

She is known to build inclusive events, and communities and champion diversity. As an immigrant herself, she understands the hardships and discrimination that people go through, which makes her a relatable person and a compassionate leader.

Raimonda belongs to the British Society of Magazine Editors, is a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster. She belongs to The Speakers Agency, The Champions Speakers Agency and Speaker Hub. She has been a keynote speaker and advocate for the Wonder Women Tech conference and the Publishing Show, playing an active role in the publishing, media, tech and events industries. Raimonda is also listed as a journalist on Muck Rack and is actively working in the media world to bring inspiring women stories to life. 

Speaking Engagements

Here are some some of the most recent speaking engagements, awards, podcast interviews and features.

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Ways to work with me:

I help entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and authors become the go-to experts in their niche and become visible online. I love working with established business owners who need guidance in establishing their authority online or by using media and public speaking. I help my clients step into a stoplight and share their stories from a place of empowerment. Less shame, more authenticity.

Speakers Academy

I help aspiring speakers become confident and sought-after speakers and experts in their field.

Join Women Thrive Summit

Join our flagship women’s empowerment event and be part of our community.

Co-author a book

Join my co-author book project at Women Thrive and access some of my mentorship and guidance. 

Speaking at your next event or conference

Raimonda is passionate about public speaking and is sought after speaker for various industry events and conferences. If you would like to get in touch and find out how you can hire Raimonda for public speaking engagements please visit her public speaking page to find out more.

She is able to deliver:

– Keynote talks for events and conferences

– Training for organisations, teams and corporate events

– Inspirational speaking to move audience to action

– Industry events to add knowledge and insight

– Galas, awards and other engagements

My Values

In life and business there are few things that anchor us, and one of those things are our values. My core values that I always come back to are: 

Authenticity, Freedom, Excellence, Integrity

Women Thrive Magazine

Raimonda is a proud chief editor of the Women Thrive Magazine – a global monthly publication for female entrepreneurs, leaders, aspiring speakers, authors, coaches and those who are interested in personal development and professional growth

Raimonda Jankunaite - Best selling author 

The Younger Self Letters - USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Anthology Book

In this book Raimonda shares her personal story of how she lost her voice, her identify and confidence. In this story Raimonda shares how she learned the power of her voice and how she turned her life around from living in silence to owning her voice and story to empower others. 

Women Thrive: Inspiring True Stories of Women Overcoming Adversity.

In this co-authored book Raimonda shares her story of starting a new chapter in her life, moving countries and re-building her life again after a devastating break-up. She writes about her personal experiences and healing journey in finding your own true path in life. 

Women Thrive: Inspiring True Stories of Women Overcoming Adversity Volume 2

In this book Raimonda shares her background story of being a young immigrant in London, and what shaped her determination, resilience and gave her the passion to pursue her dreams. Inspiring, real life story that you must read. 

As seen in the media

Raimonda Jankunaite is a regular contributor in various media publications, a chief editor at the Women Thrive Magazine, and belongs to the British Society of Magazine Editors.