I am so excited you have landed here... I can't wait to tell you more about me but before I do, I want to ask you - Do you know the power of your story? I never thought my story was different to any other woman's story. I didn't know that my pains and my struggles would become my very tools to help me build a successful career. Now, I enjoy life travelling, embracing my freedom, becoming who the heck I want to be or become. Embracing my feminine power, my flaws and my (i'm)perfections. 🙂  

About Raimonda Jan

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Investor, Speaker and Founder of Women in Business Club.

Raimonda is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, International Speaker, and Investor. She founded the Women in Business Club and International Events in March 2017 as a passion and drive to empower women in business all around the world.

Raimonda has hosted over 15 events and 100 international experts, headline speakers and panelists through her events and Women in Business Membership Community. Raimonda has empowered thousands of women to start their own businesses and take control of their lives, finances and the future of their business.

Raimonda is down to earth and gives practical and easy to implement strategies to help people start own business, get visible, build online brands, how to get funding and build successful businesses online.

Raimonda has mastered Instagram, and she loves sharing her strategies of how she grew her online following from 0-100k in just one year giving her influencer status in business.

Raimonda has just become best selling author and is passionate about the subject of Women Empowerment and Wealth and believes that every woman has the power to be wealthy and live in abundance. In her brand new signature talk ‘Wealth is Power’ – Raimonda sharing her secrets to building a successful and profitable business and how women can become empowered by acquiring wealth, confidence and success in all aspects of their lives.

How I got here...

From a young age I was always fascinated with business, my family come from Lithuania, where I have seen my parents run multiple home ventures to make a great living. 

My enterprising ways started at the age of 14 when I first arrived in the UK in 2002 as a young immigrant girl with a suitcase bigger than her. With no word of English or legal rights to be here, I started my journey in Manchester, UK. Later moved to London and began a secondary school in London.

Far from prestigious teenage years,  spending many hours on trains commuting back and forth from school, crossing from south to North West London to a culturally diverse secondary school. Learning English every morning reading the Metro. My first job was at a pizza shop, where I often used to be screamed at for not speaking good enough english to work there.

Growing up in London has taught me many lessons, of how to be strong, resilient, diverse, ambitious, tactical, polite (as English do). I may have been a quiet girl, inside I was a roaring rebel. Never quite fitting in, nor in school, college or my later years.

I discovered that in fact I did not want to fit in, and in my early 20’s I choose to pursue my own business ideas. I was determined to succeed at any cost. Even if it meant living on jacket potatoes and baked beans, on which I did whilst in Business School in my early 20’s.  I later pursued Legal Training in presitigious BPP Law School in London, only to realise that my true passion and skills lied in creative, innovative and strategic ideas and business development.

In my early 20’s I developed what at the time was the beginning of the Sustainability Boom, so I innovated water vending machines that would dispense water, isotonic, energy and other flavoured drinks into your own bottles. Young and ambitious I was only to later realise this invention of mine would require a substantial Dragon to invest, which at the time of course, I was too young to be ‘investable’ and a ‘woman’.

I later met my mentor who taught me all about capital investments, start-ups, raising money for companies and introduced me to technology and innovations in various technology, R&D, Aviation, Ecology, Software and other sectors. Over the years I have helped raise in excess of 5m of investments mainly in technology and design sectors.

In my 20’s I belonged to many organisations, such as The British Computer Society, London Tech Advocates, the Tech Angels, StartupGrind, Tech Hub, various Innovations Centers, have won multiple awards and accelerator programmes as well as mentored many entrepreneurs in start-up and scale up phases.

I really thought that finding London Tech scene was my best career find, only to go on to stumble across starting Women focused business events and becoming perhaps one of the more influential, completely self-made, global voices online and in the online coaching and business communities.

Read my Younger Self Letter…

The Younger Self Letters is a collaborative best-selling book featuring stories of successful leaders and entrepreneurs who turned their trials into triumphs. 

In my chapter I tell my younger self it’s OK to speak, it’s OK to shine. After loosing my voice due to traumatic love affair that turned into painful 2 year of silence.

On my journey I learned how to heal myself find love and my voice again.

Today I share my story on global stages and empower other women to shine as their authentic selves on stages, in the media and online. I hope my story inspire others to embrace, treasure or regain their voice. Because your voice is your secret weapon to inspire others. If you have yours, use it. 

Grab your copy of my now best-selling book with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and USA Today. 

How to work with me?

I help entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and authors become the go-to experts in their niche and become visible online. I love working with established business owners who need guidance in establishing their authority online or by using media and public speaking. I help my clients step into a stoplight and share their stories from a place of empowerment. Less shame, more authenticity.

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and become who you always wanted to be? 

Inspiring Women Stories Podcast

Raimonda is a host of a podcast featuring entrepreneurial women who turned their challenges into successes. In this podcast Raimonda feature Women in Business Community Members, every day women just like me and you, who has built a successful business despite challenges and struggles.

This podcast is fun, easy to listen to and delivers lots of golden nuggets of inspiration.


My Values

In life and business there are few things that anchor us, and one of those things are our values. My core values that I always come back to are: 

Excellence, Freedom, Integrity.

My recent interviews and videos

Recent Events & Speaking 

Such an honour to share my voice on these international stages, events and podcasts

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