Professional Speaker

Raimonda is a highly sought after speaker for business and motivational events, podcasts, training workshops and international speaking engagements. She regularly appears at various industry events, delivers training and workshops and regularly speaks on platforms that supports women empowerment, diversity, inclusion, business and personal growth and self development. Raimonda is fantastic at moving the audience from vision to action and creating a powerful shift in mindset and way of seeing things. 

My Signature Talks – ‘How to become the most visible expert in your field’

‘What makes you different – the 3 secrets to market domination’

‘Believe, Achieve, Inspire – three steps to personal success’

Other topics that I often talk about are: 

– Women empowerment and leadership

– Entrepreneurship and starting a business

– Social Media, visibility and Instagram Secrets to Success 

Other Specific Talks I often get asked to deliver:

– The Power of Your Voice – How to claim back your power 

– How to become someone who people aspire to be 

– How to grow your community for success 

I deliver talks that move people to action and inspire them to live a better life. From personal growth and transformation to confidence and hunger for more.

What set me apart as a speaker?

As someone who has overcome personal obstacles, such as becoming an immigrant in the UK, arriving from Lithuania when I was just 13 years old. Starting my first job at the age of 14 due to not having access to education. Not speaking the language and never even dreaming of finishing high school, let alone a business degree or Law School, as I did in my 20’s. 

After starting my first business at the age of 21 I faced defeats and failures, that led to bad personal choices. In my mid 20’s loosing my voice due to trauma from a toxic relationship and loosing my confidence and identity 

These challenges are the things that helps me draw my wisdom and inspiration to inspire others and share my message with the world in a way that transforms lives and creates instant shift in my audience, from inspiration to action. 

If I was able to become a serial entrepreneur, speaker, event host and trainer for more than 500 speakers and entrepreneurs, use my voice to impact others and write a best selling book, I know that my story can inspire others to do this and far greater things than I did. 

Speaking Experience

Since founding the Women in Business Club – community and events for women back in 2017, Raimonda has been hosting quarterly events for women, attracting international speakers and guests. 

Prior to this experience Raimonda has been part of many investor pannels, investor pitches and various presentations and workshops. 

For Raimonda speaking was not a natural talent, in fact in her twenties Raimonda lost her voice so only in the last 10 years she has been able to regain her voice and use it to make an impact in the world.

In the last 5 years Raimonda delivered over 200 of hours of video training and workshops. Hosted more than 100 hours in virtual event hosting and interviewing speakers live on air.

Raimonda has been featured as a keynote speaker at various business events, tradeshows and exhibitions, delivering  a powerful presentation to move the audience into action.

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Looking for an inspiring and motivational or business speaker? I regularly speak on live stages, virtual events and summits, deliver workshops or give interviews on radio or podcasts. If you are looking for a speaker with a powerful story and wisdom in business and entrepreneurship, book a call with me today. 

Interviews and Videos

Sponsor Me as a Speaker

Are you looking for brand visibility and exposure through my speaking engagements and events?

Raimonda regularly collaborates with world-class brands and sponsor partners to help them create new marketing and exposure possibilities for the clients she works with.

In some cases, it may be an ongoing brand partnership or one-time sponsorship deal that gives you exposure through my speaking and global stage presence. We offer social media, brand placement, media features and mentions via radio, TV, Podcasts, etc.


Raimonda is an incredible speaker, host and true friend.
I had the honour to be a speaker at her women thrive summit 2021. Her level of professionalism, transparency and generosity was second to none.
She is a true inspiration, always looking to give back and lift women higher and reflect back to them their greatness! This is true leadership. I would recommend Rai as a powerful confident authentic speaker to add next-level value to your events and to empower your community with her life experience, joy and wisdom.

Karolyn Zinetti

Transformational Business Coach

Raimonda is a powerhouse speaker and an incredible leader! She truly values women empowerment and makes it her business to seek out opportunities to help women around the world find their voice. As a speaker at the Women Thrive Summit 2021 I had an amazing experience working with Raimonda and would absolutely recommend her as a speaker, event host or a mentor / coach for your business!

Renay Dennis

Confidence Coach

Raimonda is an amazing speaker, who is gifted with the remarkable ability to combine her unique experiences into relevant topics for audiences. She uses her voice to empower women around the world, and her passion comes through every time she speaks. I have had the pleasure of being in the room and hearing her speak, several times. Her presentations are authentic and captivating, and she knows how to command the room. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your events. 

Emem Washington

Speaking & TEDx Coach