Raimonda Jankunaite

Creating a clear roadmap to more visibility, brand authority

I’m a consultant, speaker, business growth expert, and visibility strategist. I help organizations develop brand marketing and visibility strategies that increase sales using modern social media marketing strategies.

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Hosting events is a bit like launching a business. You have an idea, you create a vision in your mind and you set off to build it. Bringing together all the fine details, like a puzzle. When it all comes together and the event happens, its like looking at the complete picture of your puzzle for the first time, where all the pieces has come together. That is the most beautiful thing.

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May 2019 – join me for a 3 day business retreat in Ibiza. We are hosting 10 women for a luxury women-only retreat at a secret location. 

This is your opportunity to enjoy life whilst being mentored by world class experts. 

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