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I have been doing public speaking & hosting events since 2016, and there is no better feeling than being on stage, interacting with live audience and sharing your story.

Not only as a host for our International Women in Business events, but I have also spoken at various other events, contributed to virtual summits, been invited to speak at podcasts and live events.

I believe that entrepreneurship is about giving back, sharing your lessons, and empowering others with knowedge and inspiration.



I love speaking about my personal journey in business. I have been an entrepreneur for the last 10 years, and could not imagine myself doing anything else but running my own business.

With the ups and downs, it has been the most incredible experience, one that taught me invaluable lessons, about making connections, about staying positive, not giving up and possessing belief when others can not see your vision.

I am now passionate about sharing my story and empowering others to start their own business.

Success Mindset 

There is no success without the right mindset. I discovered this secret many years ago, and have been practicing Success Mindset for over 10 years!

If there is one thing that set the successful people apart is their ability to master this very skill. Want me to inspire your audience with success mindset? 

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How to establish yourself as an authority

Do you want to build the next generation of leaders and influencers? Why not invite me to speak at your next event or conference about building personal brand and authority in your field?

I have spent the last 5 years working on establishing my authority in business and women empowerment, and I can help your audience do the same.


Building Your Instagram Influence

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms there is for brands, influencers, businesses, bloggers and coaches.

Would you like an expert who mastered Instagram in less than a year, to grow from 0 to over 100k followers.

Invite me to speak at your next event, webinar, conference or summit around the power of Instagram and how to grow your authentic and genuine community using Instagram.


Business Funding

Any business that is looking to truly scale to the next level needs funding. But there are over 10 different funding routes for businesses. From Venture Capital, Angel Funding, Crowdfunding, Borrowing, Bonds and so much more.

Do you want to educate your audience about funding? I have spent the last 5-7 years working in this area, advising businesses on how funding works and how to prepare themselves for funding journey. I love speaking on this subject to live audience, so they can ask questions and interact.


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