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I have been featured in the Media! 

Over the years I have been blessed to attract media opportunities and share my message with the world and diverse audience globally. This page highlights some of the more important media features and contains my media bio for future features, interviews and public speaking. 

My Simple 3 Step Proccess:

1. Uncovering Your Unique Gifts   

I help my clients uncover their special gifts and talents that makes them unique and for which they can get paid for. Helping my clients package their gifts into sustainable revenue and growth for the future.  

2. Positioning You As The Go-To Expert

We uncover your niche where you can become a source of knowledge and skills addressing particular market needs. This helps you position as an authority in your industry and the go-to person for your expertise.  

3. Growing Your Authority and Visibility

Once my clients become the go-to authority, we solidify this expert status with building visibility, positioning thought leadership, sharing your message with the world through speaking, interviews, podcasts and media. 

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More about my story...

I am passionate about working with business owners and entrepreneurs in helping them achieve a sense of clarity and direction.

I often meet people who are incredibly experienced and talented, but have not yet tapped into building their authority. They have not been visible online or have become known in their industry yet, either as the go-to coach, speaker or expert. 

If you are your industry’s best kept secret, then let’s connect and see how I can support you.

If you have a burning desire to serve the world in a much bigger way, sharing your gifts and talents with those who need it. If you are ready to step into the spotlight and become known in your niche, then this is the right time to reach out to me for help. 

As a mentor I also play other roles in your business such as business strategist, consultant and a mentor, to you and your business. I am a sounding board, someone you can talk to and be accountable to. 

Someone who will cheerlead you, support you and not only believe in your dreams but also help you realise them.  I am here to support your growth and next chapter of your success story. 

Looking to build your visibility & expert status?

Are you an expert in your field? Perhaps you have been in business for the last 5-10 years, but you feel like there is more for you to achieve? You have been seeing everyone crushing it online and building passive incomes from their knowledge and skills, and you are wondering how you can do the same. 

You want to package your knowledge and expertise into an offering that will be appealing to an online audeince, enabling you to work from anywhere.

Giving you back the time and freedom that you want. Let’s chat! 


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The Complete Start-up Guide to Entrepreneurship

At some stage, every one of us had a million-dollar idea but the difference between those who become a million-dollar business and those who don’t is the action you take with your ideas. If you believe you have the next big successful idea and have no clue where...

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