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Public speaking and hosting events is a little like painting a picture… You have a vision, an idea of how you imagine an event to be… Then you set off to create that vision from your mind into a reality. 

Raimonda has been hosting events since 2015 – including funding events in her previous role in business, to women empowerment events since May 2017.  

Raimonda loves bringing a vision together with all the fine details like choosing spectacular venues, arranging speakers speakers and panelists , to creating swag bags and building partnerships with sponsors and other vendors. 

And when it all comes together it feels like looking at the complete picture of your puzzle for the first time, where all the pieces have come together. That is the most beautiful thing about hosting events and being part of many others.

Inspiring Women Stories


Raimonda hosts many speakers and regularly interviews incredible female entrepreneurs through her Inspiring Women Stories Podcast Series.

Launched October 2019 – Women in Business Podcast has now interviewed over 20 female entrepreneurs from across the world, including some of the community members of the Women in Business Club and her private clients.

You can list.en the current published episodes via most podcasting publishing platforms such as Anchor, ITunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts

Success Mindset

Are you feeling inspired to create success in your business with the right mindset and practical tools? 

Maybe you feel like you’re now in the right place in your business and career to invest in yourself and your growth. You are just waiting fro the right person to come along and help you take your business to the next level of success. 

As someone who has been in business for over 10 years, I can relate. It truly takes someone special to come along who you can trust and make that commitment with.

Because it isn’t easy to open the doors to your business and share your dreams just with anyone. It takes someone who has been there and can relate to your story. 

Book a call with me and let’s find out if we have the right energy and ideas to work together. I work with a limited amount of people on 1-2-1 basis. 

How to establish yourself as an authority

Have you been in business for several years and finding the online world overwhelming - trying to figure out where do you fit in in this world?

Maybe you are not meant to fit in - maybe you're mean to STAND OUT and BE YOUR UNIQUE SELF.

There are no rules in creating the person that you want to be - you can be anyone - but it is important that you BE YOURSELF!

Want to ESTABLISH YOUR AUTHORITY in Business and the Online World?

Time to take the leap...

Building Your Instagram Influence

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms there is for brands, influencers, businesses, bloggers and coaches.

Would you like an expert who mastered Instagram in less than a year, to grow from 0 to over 100k followers.

Invite me to speak at your next event, webinar, conference or summit around the power of Instagram and how to grow your authentic and genuine community using Instagram.


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