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Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Investor, Speaker and Founder of Women in Business Club.

Raimonda is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, International Speaker, and Investor. She founded the Women in Business Club and International Events in March 2017 as a passion and drive to empower women in business all around the world.

Raimonda has hosted over 15 events and 100 international experts, headline speakers and panelists through her events and Women in Business Membership Community. Raimonda has empowered thousands of women to start their own businesses and take control of their lives, finances and the future of their business.

Raimonda is down to earth and gives practical and easy to implement strategies to help people start own business, get visible, build online brands, how to get funding and build successful businesses online.

Raimonda has mastered Instagram, and she loves sharing her strategies of how she grew her online following from 0-100k in just one year giving her influencer status in business.

Raimonda is currently writing a book and is passionate about the subject of WEALTH and believes that every woman has the power to be wealthy and successful. In her brand new signature talk ‘Wealth is Power’ – Raimonda sharing her secrets to building a successful and profitable business and how women can become empowered by acquiring wealth, confidence and success in all aspects of their lives.

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Raimonda has contributed to many international events, investment panels, hosted own events and panels, as well as contributed her expertise to podcasts, online members communities, online trainings and in-person events and workshops.

Raimonda is an experienced speaker and natural at connecting with audience both in-person and online.


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Raimonda regularly hosts International Women in Business Events, Business Retreats and virtual and in-person workshops and training.

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